Helping seniors stay safe, secure, and connected.


LivHOME offers a senior-friendly technology that comes bundled with LivHOME caregiving and care management services. Seniors and in-home caregivers can remotely video chat with a LivHOME professional, ensure medication compliance, proactively monitor health conditions and more.

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Meet your Connect Advisor.

With our innovative care technology, seniors receive video calls from their Connect Advisor. The advisor can quickly assess the home care services situation and review the senior’s tablet information to resolve issues in an informed manner. LivHOME care technology:

  • Improves socialization and engagement
  • Ensures early intervention to avoid crises
  • Increases sense of safety and security
  • Expands the care team

It’s a high-touch experience.

LivHOME allows families to stay connected and engaged with their care using just a smartphone. Families can check in with a loved one and receive secure care updates. All communications with the senior using care technology are secure and in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

  • Video chat with your loved one
  • Communicate with your care manager
  • Send family photos to your loved one’s tablet
  • Add calendar event reminders

Designed for better outcomes.

LivHOME technology provides both clinical and psychosocial support for seniors living at home. Your loved one and the Caregiver interact with the tablet, allowing the Life Care Manager to monitor trends and make active adjustments to caregiving services. LivHOME care technology can:

  • Improve compliance with taking medications
  • Reduce preventable hospital readmissions
  • Collect and chart survey data trends over time
  • Share survey data with physicians