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Are You Struggling to Care for Someone with Parkinson’s Disease?

  • Having difficulty managing Parkinson’s care?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the ongoing demand?
  • Want to do the right thing but not sure what that is?

We understand the difficult situation you must be going through. At LivHOME, we don’ just provide Parkinson’s caregiver services. We also offer professional guidance, resources, and support from experts to help your family care for adults living with all three stages of Parkinson’s.

LivHOME employs professional geriatric care managers who specialize in caring for Parkinson’s disease at home. They are an unbiased advocate for individuals suffering from:

  • tremors and muscular stiffness
  • motor and motion impairment
  • whole body fatigue
  • swallowing difficulties
  • impaired voice and soft speech
  • urinary incontinence or constipation
  • cognitive decline, amnesia or dementia

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic and progressive movement disorder that affects an estimated one million people in the United States. It predominantly affects the neurons in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra that produce dopamine. The disease worsens slowly over time, and while it is not fatal, there is no known cure. However, numerous organizations such as the National Parkinson’s Foundation are helping to advance the medications and treatments.

Parkinson’s disease stages begin with minor symptoms such as tremors. The decline in muscle control gradually increases to the point where the patient becomes immobilized and needs full-time care. There are many ways to provide a care plan for Parkinson’s disease, including bringing in a professional home care agency such as LivHOME who specializes in elderly care.

The Benefits of Home Care for Parkinson’s Disease

Evaluating a senior's mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs

Many families acting as Parkinson’s disease caregivers find that in-home care is an excellent option because it is often more affordable than a nursing facility and it provides their loved one with familiar and comfortable surroundings.

In-home care is also a smart option for the management of Parkinson’s because it allows for the gradual increase of services as the disease progresses and the need for support increases.

The effects of Parkinson’s Disease are different for everyone, so LivHOME begins with a thorough home care assessment of all the patient’s needs—safety, physical, psychological, and effects on the family as a whole. The Parkinson’s care expert then creates a care plan specifically tailored to the needs of the loved one and their family.

LivHOME’s care plan will include involving a range of experts with experience in the management of Parkinson’s, and in providing Parkinson’s respite care. A care manager can assist with the coordination of physical, occupational and speech therapies and work to maintain strength and abilities at home.

Among other things, a care manager knows how to train caregivers on the various movement and mobility symptoms of Parkinson’s, from getting dressed to moving safely around the home. They also know how to modify the house to prevent one of the greatest dangers to Parkinson’s patients: falls.

A professional with senior care experience understands how to manage medications, and to provide the proper exercise and activities to slow the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

LivHOME’s Parkinson’s Home Care Services

In addition to implementing a care plan for Parkinson’s, a LivHOME Care Manager will match, screen, and supervise caregivers who pass strict hiring requirements to ensure the highest quality of Parkinson’s care.

A caregiver in the home can support activities of daily living (ADLs and IADLs) such as bathing, dressing, and grooming and make life a little easier at home. The following Parkinson’s home care services are available for families, including:

  • Bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Grocery shopping and running errands
  • Companionship and joyful activities
  • Transportation for appointments
  • Exercise and mobility assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Medical care coordination with healthcare providers

The Advantages of Including a Care Manager

It’s quite common for families of a loved one who are progressing through the stages of Parkinson’s disease to want to provide all the care themselves. This is not optimal, however, with a disease as complex and progressive as Parkinson’s.

Having an experienced care manager who can formulate and carry out the best care plan for Parkinson’s Disease not only reduces physical, emotional, and financial strain on the family, but it ensures that the patient is getting the best possible care.

Unlike most home care agencies, LivHOME offers immediate 24/7 access to an advanced-degree Life Care Manager who specializes in family counseling, medical guidance, local resources, and care placement options.

Some of the benefits of a professional care manager include:

1. Finances

Professional management of Parkinson’s care can help your family save time and money and provide access to select local resources. An expert can ensure that expensive mistakes are avoided and that all Parkinson’s home care fulfills the specific needs of the loved one, all of which controls costs.

2. Mental Health

Caregiver burnout has been identified in countless scientific studies as a serious problem for family members who serve as primary caregivers, because long hours without sufficient sleep or relaxation can create added health problems for them, including depression.

Long-term care for a Parkinson’s patient also tends to complicate family dynamics. Adding a professional care expert to your team benefits the mental health of the entire family by providing expert guidance and experience when it’s needed most.

The Parkinson’s home care expert, for instance, will know to plan regular time for a family caregiver to de-stress and recover and will know how to manage any relationship issues within the loved one’s family.

3. Physical Health

The ongoing work of bathing, dressing, grooming, providing meals and conversation, and generally caring for the needs of a loved one with Parkinson’s Disease are considerable, and they grow more complex over time.

A professional care expert sees the warning signs before they lead, for instance, to a fall in the bathroom or down the stairs. Their expertise improves the physical well-being of the patient and their family.

4. Time

Sometimes the primary caregivers of a loved one with Parkinson’s disease need time away to improve the quality of the time they spend together. A care plan for Parkinson’s Disease prepared by an expert care manager will include breaks for family caregivers.

A care plan for Parkinson’s disease may allow the primary caregivers to spend less time doing the things they don’t love—such as housekeeping or laundry—and more time doing what they do love, be it spending quality family time or chatting with their loved one about happy memories.

5. Relationships

Caring for a senior with Parkinson’s can stress family dynamics in unforeseen ways. An expert in elderly care, such a trained social worker, knows how to maintain healthy relationships in the family. If one child of the aging parent, for instance, is providing most of the caregiving, the social worker or nurse can give that family member regular breaks called respite care.

Expert care managers of Parkinson’s patients living at home also know how to foresee and prevent any resentment, embarrassment, or feelings of guilt in the family. Maintaining happy and healthy relationships with the family and other caregivers ultimately benefit the loved one dealing with Parkinson’s.

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Creating a Care Plan for Parkinson’s Disease with LivHOME Care Managers

The best way to develop a care plan for Parkinson’s Disease is to sit down and talk with an expert who’s been through this many times before. LivHOME Care Managers can expedite this planning by bringing to bear their vast training and experience. Every situation may be unique, but it’s helpful to call on people who have already experienced many of the challenges you’re going through.

Here’s how to develop the best Parkinson’s care plan:

1. Start With a Conversation

Sit down with family members, friends, and any anyone else involved in the caregiving process. If some relatives are out of town, you can use video chats to include them.

2. Talk About the Needs

What does the person with Parkinson’s disease need regarding care? How will this change over time? And who will be able to provide all that care?

3. Consider All the Options

Let everyone involved ask questions and offer up suggestions. Ask that everyone remain as open-minded as possible at first, just to collect different ideas. Then stop talking and give people time to think about how they can help provide care for the Parkinson’s patient.

Many families find that the best option for them when searching for Parkinson’s home care is to talk to an expert at LivHOME.

Because of the care manager’s expertise in dealing with Parkinson’s patients, they can provide a wealth of information and resources regarding the challenges that lie ahead. And once you do decide to seek in-home help for a Parkinson’s patient, they can provide “one-stop shopping,” with solutions to all aspects of Parkinson’s home care.

That one call to a LivHOME care expert allows families to create a care plan for Parkinson’s and implement it immediately. That will provide the loved one coping with Parkinson’s both the dignity of living at home for as long as possible and the best possible quality of life.

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LivHOME is the premier provider of in-home caregiver services in many locations across the country. We can help families accurately screen for the needs of seniors with Parkinson’s who are aging at home, develop a Parkinson’s care plan tailored to the needs of the patient and the family, and see to it that the plan is implemented correctly in the most cost-effective manner.

Whatever your care plans—or if you just want to get more information—it makes sense to talk to the people with the most experience managing Parkinson’s home care. So if you’ve got a loved one diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, it’s never too early to start collecting information and formulating a plan.

Talk to a LivHOME care manager who’s an expert at Parkinson’s disease stages and the management of Parkinson’s. They will give you the answers you need to create a plan and provide the expert guidance and in-home caregiver support to put your mind at ease.

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