Parkinson’s care for seniors living at home.


LivHOME provides personalized Parkinson’s care for families in need of managing the complexities of care. Life Care Managers have the knowledge and experience to enhance quality of life—paying special attention to safety and dignity.

Are you struggling to care for someone with Parkinson’s?

  • Having difficulty managing Parkinson’s care?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the ongoing demand?
  • Want to do the right thing but not sure what that is?

Diagnosed as a chronic and progressive movement disorder, Parkinson’s disease affects an estimated one million individuals in the United States. Unfortunately, this disease worsens over time, there is no known cure, and there are ongoing symptoms. However, there are Parkinson’s care options to help those affected, including professional agencies for elderly home care.

Before your loved one is matched with a Caregiver, LivHOME will connect you with an advanced-degree geriatric care manager whose role is to help families make the many important and difficult decisions about the Parkinson’s care their loved one receives. Our experts at LivHOME are here to provide your family with support, medical guidance, local resources, and appropriate care.

Access to the right services.

A home care assessment by a Life Care Manager helps you understand the specific needs and preferences of your Parkinson’s care. The Life Care Manager then identifies the best options, assisting the adult and family members to choose and access community services, facilitating a quality of life that your loved one deserves.

Independence and enrichment.

No matter how one may be compromised in their ability to function independently, we believe in providing the necessary support to maximize independence and empowerment for all of our clients. Our expert geriatric care managers balance attending to not only physical care needs, but emotional, social, and cognitive needs as well, achieving the greatest possible enrichment and fulfillment.

Support for the entire family.

Caring for an adult with Parkinson’s presents challenges to the entire family. Having a professional partner can provide the family with an objective guide, someone who responds to needs as they arise, as well as anticipates and helps plan for the future. The Life Care Manager is your advocate.

Comprehensive caregiving services.

LivHOME Caregivers, who are company employees, will be hand-selected and matched by the Life Care Manager to enrich the living situation, whether the client lives independently, with family, or in a facility. Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Grocery shopping and running errands
  • Companionship and joyful activities
  • Transportation for appointments
  • Exercise and mobility assistance
  • Medication reminders

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Do you need care soon?

A comprehensive assessment will identify the needs and issues involved in caring for your loved one, providing you with the information, resources, and direction needed to create a quality Plan of Care. Speak with a Care Consultant about our rates and services today.