Hospital to Home Care Transitions.


As you prepare to leave a hospital or rehabilitation center, a Life Care Manager can assist you with making a smooth transition from hospital to home care. The first 72 hours of your discharge are critical and we are here to help!

Are you in a hospital and need help with home care?

Unfortunately, there are all sorts of cases where you or a loved one is hospitalized or in a rehabilitation center. The silver lining comes when the patient is in a stable enough condition to be transferred back into the comfort of their own home. While you are happy knowing that you can rest easily in your own home, you must consider whether they are properly adhering to the recommended processes for a hospital to home care recovery or rehabilitation transfer.

Did you know that the leading cause that sends patients back into the hospital is a lack of proper support?

As you can see, it’s extremely important that someone who knows what they’re doing is able to monitor the patient’s recovery or to ensure the rehabilitation transfer proceeds as planned. Scheduled intermittent check-ups don’t always catch things soon enough or aren’t frequent enough to account for quick, but significant changes.

We know it’s tough, especially when life’s demands seem to ramp up at the worst of times. But don’t worryyou’re not alone.

A Life Care Manager has the right experience to help:

  • Understand all of your discharge instructions and service orders
  • Have a Caregiver in your home as needed
  • Drive you home if requested
  • Pick up your prescriptions
  • Reconcile your old and new medications with your physician
  • Perform a home safety evaluation
  • Confirm all home nursing and therapy services and equipment
  • Schedule your follow-up doctor appointments
  • Clean out your refrigerator
  • Buy groceries
  • Prepare your meals and clean the kitchen
  • With follow-up with family members or significant others
  • Put clean sheets on your bed and fresh towels in the bathroom
  • Do your laundry and light-housekeeping
  • With services and integrated care 24/7 as needed

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