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Quickly navigate the complex health care system.

Life Care Managers help families navigate the complex health care system by coordinating appointments and communicating information among the physician, the senior, and family members.

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Care coordination for improved outcomes.

Trying to remember everything you need to do for the week can be quite challenging, but having to also remember the weekly schedule of your aging loved one can bring added stress to your life. At LivHOME, one of our many services includes coordinating your aging loved one’s schedule to best fit their daily routine so that you don’t need to make changes to yours.

Hiring a Life Care Manager can minimize the constant worry and time off of work that caretaking requires. A Life Care Manager has experience interacting with the health care system frequently to arrange appropriate care. Additionally, they will help coordinate all needed services and equipment, including at-home care, home health services, and hospice.

A Life Care Manager can help you:

There’s no need for you to drive your loved one across town for their various medical appointments. Instead, let us do the escorting. Our Life Care Managers will be sure to communicate with you and the rest of your family any news regarding medical care and medications after each visit. Sometimes heading to the doctor’s office can be scary for your loved one, but you can rest assured knowing that they are in good hands.

Do you need care soon?

A comprehensive assessment will identify the needs and issues involved in caring for your loved one, providing you with the information, resources, and direction needed to create a quality Plan of Care. Speak with a Care Consultant about our rates and services today.