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How to help your clients with elderly parents do the right thing

How to Help Your Clients with Aging Parents Do the Right Thing

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Whether you’re a financial planner or an attorney, chances are that listening to clients’ stories about their struggles with aging parents is all in a day’s work. You may be…
Senior doesn't want help and resists care

What if Your Elderly Client Refuses Help?

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It happens all the time: a client does something that leaves you bewildered and wondering: “why?” I’ve been there, too. A widower in his late 80s I once worked with…
Boredom, loneliness, and helplessness are too common among seniors

Bored? Lonely? Helpless? How to Keep Your Aging Parents Happy

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Does your elderly mom complain that she doesn’t have enough to do each day? What about your dad: has he been spending more and more time alone, reminiscing about his…
What is the best elder care option?

How To Make the Right Decisions for Your Aging Parents

| Elder Care Today, Elderly Care Issues, Family Caregiver Tips | No Comments
When aging parents can no longer decide about elder care issues for themselves, someone has to make the choices that will make them happiest. Here’s a process that can help.…
How to build your clients trust

How to Build Credibility and Trust

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Proposing solutions is a valuable skill, but can be off-putting to some elderly clients. Instead, build their trust step-by-step. Here’s how. Imagine that an elderly client tells you she no…