Winter Wardrobe Prep for Seniors

By November 14, 2012Aging in Place

The cold winter months can be hard on seniors. This is especially true for those seniors living in the northern part of the country where winter temperatures can fall to their coldest. With winter coming ever closer, it becomes vital for seniors to take the necessary steps that will ensure their safety. Part of that safety is a winter wardrobe.


Depending on location, many seniors may have very little to do when it comes to a winter wardrobe. However, for seniors living in the colder regions, there may be a lot of preparation work that goes into a winter wardrobe. The following pointers will help seniors to get started on a safe and warm winter wardrobe changeover.


In Preparation

●  Put away all open-toe shoes
●  Store all shorts and unnecessary short sleeved shirts
●  Put away all Capri pants and summer dresses


The Basics

Many seniors already have an adequate winter clothing selection. If they are lacking a warm wardrobe, consider purchasing the following basics:


●  Heavy winter coat that is wind resistant
●  Fleece lined sweatshirts and sweatpants
●  Warm button-up shirts
●  Leggings or thermal undergarments
●  Adequately fitting jeans
●  Warm and waterproof shoes/boots
●  Fleece scarf
●  Lined and insulated gloves
●  Warm hats or toboggans
●  Insulated Ear Muffs


Winter can be a very dangerous time for seniors who do not dress properly for cold temperatures. Even excess moisture in the air can affect seniors in a negative way if allowed to dampen their clothing. It is also a good idea to check weather forecasts each night or morning to plan out a proper wardrobe in advance for those seniors at high risk during winter months. With some effort and maybe a little shopping, seniors can easily dress warm enough to enjoy the wonderful outdoors during the winter season. For more information about the at-home health services offered by LivHOME, please visit their website at


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