Why it’s Important for Seniors to Keep Moving

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We now know that, in order to stay sharp and healthy, seniors must remain active. In fact, research has proven that seniors get the most benefits by completing both mental and physical forms of exercise. These activities can essentially pump up the brain and overall muscle tone.

For seniors, daily physical and mental activities can ultimately produce tangible results in the brain and body. So daily activities, for instance, help to boost mobility, brain activity and overall quality of a senior’s life.

Additional reasons that older adults need a daily dose of activity can include the following:

  • Independence: For seniors living independently and in their own homes, the possibility of a fall is never far from a loved one’s mind. However, with daily exercise and mental stimulation, seniors are able to live in a much safer environment while also putting the worries of loved ones at rest. Physical activities promote muscle strength and improve mobility, while a mental workout improves clarity and decreases forgetfulness. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.
  • Awesome balance and reflexes: As aging in place continues, a progressive and natural decline of balance and coordination are working behind the scenes. When seniors include daily mental and physical activities, a decline of these skills can be delayed or prevented altogether. Not only will strength and coordination skills benefit, a senior’s reflexes will also enjoy a much-needed boost to reflexes, ultimately helping to prevent falls and other injuries within the home.
  • The end of high stress levels: Life can be particularly stressful for older adults. Stress has a way of wreaking havoc on the body, mind, and blood pressure of all seniors. It is also known to increase the risk of heart disease, affect the way the brain processes/uses information and decreases memory retention. Fortunately, seniors can work to reduce stress by performing both mental and physical activities. Stress can literally be a killer.

Mind and Body Activities
Seniors looking to get active or boost brain power should consider some of the following activities:

  • Sudoku or similar forms of mentally-stimulating puzzles
  • Brisk walks in environments that aren’t too physically challenging
  • Swimming or water aerobics (age-appropriate classes are usually available)

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