Why choose LivHOME for my loved one?

Senior citizens now make up the fastest growing segment of the United States population. For this reason, many people find themselves forced into the role of a caregiver for aging parents. The physical limitations that seniors face, along with the chronic health conditions, can often make living at home a very difficult and dangerous environment. While seniors undoubtedly prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home, the danger of living alone may not allow them to do so. Individuals who care for a spouse, parent, or an adult child can often feel overwhelmed by the responsibility. The caring professionals of LivHOME can help by providing top-notch care within the home, while also improving your loved ones’ quality of life.

The management and staff of LivHOME are experts in senior care whose standards are unmatched in the industry. Each senior is surrounded by a team of professionals who have been through a meticulous screening process and background check. LivHOME requires that their employees meet the highest standards in the nation, while their advisory boards are filled with geriatric professionals who are able to represent the voice of seniors.

LivHOME provides an unparalleled quality of in-home care by providing seniors and their family members with services that go beyond expectation. They realize that every family is unique and their needs must be addressed individually. In order to create the proper plan of action, LivHOME assigns a Professional Geriatric Care Manager to work with each family.

One of the premier features that set the Care Managers at LivHOME apart is that they are credentialed experts in geriatric care. LivHOME’s Care Managers often specialize in social work, nursing, or mental health, as their clients require, and because of their advanced education and experience, Care Managers are able to perform extended functions that other home care employees cannot. The Care Manager works closely with the family members and Caregivers to ensure the proper support and satisfaction, while providing superior in-home care for their loved ones. This unique system of care serves as an example of the dedication that LivHOME embodies.

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