What is a Caregiver?

Caring for a senior family member or loved one encompasses many different levels. Each illness or condition associated with aging has distinct mental and physical symptoms. The severity of the senior’s condition often affects their ability to perform everyday tasks that used to be second nature. For example, eating, dressing, bathing, walking from room to room, reading or using the restroom. When seniors experience problems completing these tasks on their own, a caregiver is likely needed within the home. So, as a caregiver, what can you do to help your loved one? The following cover the basic tasks of a caregiver:


  • Personal Hygiene

    A loved one with cognitive issues has trouble remembering when, where and how to properly bathe, wash their hair, brush their teeth, use the bathroom and comb their hair. Caregivers help seniors to perform all these tasks.


  • Eating and Preparing Meals

    In order to prepare meals and eat properly, seniors must think clearly and move freely. When this is not possible, a caregiver will step in to help with meal preparation and feeding. This may mean the caregiver simply brings meals to their loved one each day, or they may opt to help their loved one cook. When physical handicaps are present, caregivers will often need to literally feed their loved one.


  • Getting Around the Home

    For many seniors, walking from one room to the other can become a difficult task. In some cases, it may become impossible for the senior to get around on their own. Many seniors can find increased mobility by using a walker, wheelchair or cane. When mobility is a continued problem, caregivers will help their loved ones by assisting them in rising from a sitting/lying position, walking from point A to point B and positioning them in a comfortable and safe manner.


These are but a few of the many tasks that caregivers must perform on a daily basis. When the job becomes too much for one family member or friend, LivHOME is proud to offer unique solutions for your loved one and your family members. LivHOME specializes in at-home care management and is able to provide seniors with a care plan unique to their specific situation. If you feel your loved one may benefit from the services provided by LivHOME, simply fill out the contact information and a representative will quickly respond.


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