What Can Seniors Do With Those Unwanted Holiday Gift Cards?

By December 28, 2012Aging in Place

The Christmas gifts have been opened, Santa made his way down the chimney and the family spent quality time together. While the holiday may be a pleasant memory, what about those gift cards from the grandchildren are simply taking up space?


While the thought behind the gift was honest and wonderful, some of those gift cards will never be used by seniors. Many grandparents don’t know what to do with gift cards from unknown stores like Jamba Juice or Hot Topix. Instead of just putting them in a drawer to collect dust, sell or trade them!


There are now several reputable websites who let people sell or trade unwanted gift cards. Seniors can choose to cash them in for some quick money or obtain a different gift card that will actually be used. Below are some of the top websites for unwanted gift cards.




At cardavenue.com, seniors can buy, sell, trade or even auction unwanted gift cards. All it requires is a simple, free registration with the website and a PayPal account. Additionally, if seniors choose to trade or auction gift cards valued at $100 or higher, the card balance must be verified by a secure balance-verification service provided by cardavenue.com. After registration, seniors are able to choose from a wide selection of gift cards are available.


What kinds of gift cards are available for trade on CardAvenue? Macy’s gift cards are currently up for auction, along with Target gift cards available for trade. There is a multitude of cards to choose from, allowing seniors to find something they are interested in.


CardAvenue does charge a small auction fee. Auction sellers are charged 3.95 percent of the final selling price, plus an additional fee of 50 cents. If seniors choose to trade their gift cards, both parties are charged a 3.95 percent fee plus 50 cents. These fees are simply applied/deducted from the participant’s PayPal account.




Swapagift.com works very much the same way, but often seniors do not have to auction their gift cards. Swapagift will pay cash for gift cards if it is between the price range if $25 and $200. They offer to pay 70 percent of the value of the gift card, provided it is from a specified retailer.


Examples of these selected retailers are Best Buy, Lowe’s, Kroger, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart. Additionally, Swapagift pays seniors 65 percent of the gift card’s value if it is from retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch or Williams-Sonoma. Seniors can simply visit the website for a list of all accepted retailers.


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