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Spring has a way of making everyone feel rejuvenated. Perhaps it’s the slightly warmer weather or the lovely feeling of the sunshine on your face. As seniors begin to look for activities to participate in with family members or vice-versa, spring is the time of year that offers an abundance of opportunities.


Springtime Activities


Some of the best ideas for spring activities are the most simple. Take a walk outside, making a point of looking for all the signs of spring. Talk about the lawns turning green again, new leaves sprouting on the trees, new flowers that are blooming in the area or even the spring decorations that are popping up on a neighbor’s porch. Another way to stimulate the senses on a springtime walk is to take notice of the smells in the air.


Springtime Holidays


Thoughts of spring always include the holidays and special celebrations of springtime. The religious holidays and observances of Passover, Lent and Easter each remind many seniors of fond memories and family traditions. Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are also springtime celebrations that tend to remind all seniors of the importance of family and love.



Spring Gardening Activities


The first spring activities for many seniors involve gardening. These activities can be as simple as taking some flower seeds and potting soil and putting them into a pretty pot, waiting for them to emerge. Many seniors enjoy simply nurturing a plant indoors, giving it the proper amount of sunshine and right amount of water. If physical ability allows, try planting bedding plants from a local nursery into larger pots and then arrange them for display on the patio or front porch.


Other Activities


If gardening is not an activity that is suitable, for whatever reason, then try some of the following ideas:


  • Take a trip to a local nursery. Just looking at some of the beautiful and colorful plants and flowers is extremely stimulating for most seniors. Not to mention the lovely smells that come when you take time to stopping and smell the flowers!
  • Consider planting an indoor herb garden. This is an extremely easy planting idea that can be done by most seniors. Herbs also provide some of the most stimulating smells when grown in the home and make everyone eager to cook a big meal.

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