Using Technology to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

By August 11, 2014Dementia

For all their efforts, scientists have yet to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. However, multiple research projects are currently being conducted, many of which look promising. In fact, by using modern research techniques, resulting data was able to prove that the human brain can regenerate and repair itself at any age. To keep a senior’s brain sharp and healthy, regular participation in mentally challenging activities is a must.

Just as a body builder lifts weights to bulk up, mental exercise boosts brain function. Seniors who receive new stimuli each day are practicing a form of brain exercise. When challenged on a daily basis, the brain is able to repair and restructure. This process is known as “neuroplasticity”. With evidence in hand, hundreds of technological products and digital applications are being developed in hopes they will pump up brain health. The Clevermind 1.0 app is a perfect example of Alzheimer’s tech.

Clevermind 1.0 App Details
It’s essential to understand that the Clevermind 1.0 iPad app is more than a collection of generic brain games. The app helps seniors manage common dementia-related challenges and developers hope it will provide the support seniors, caregivers and loved ones need during challenging times.
While some technology is far too complicated, the Clevermind 1.0 app is different. Developers purposely designed the application to be simple and straightforward – a move that makes the Clevermind app much more appealing to seniors.

Some of the most popular and beneficial features offered with the Clevermind 1.0 iPad app are:

  • A Personal Journal: This keeps track of your daily activities and future goals.
  • Puzzles and Trivia Questions: Seniors can challenge their minds and improve memory skills.
  • Hands Free Interaction: Seniors can control the Clevermind app using nothing more than spoken words. Great feature for seniors who cannot utilize smartphones, tablets or home computers.
  • Ease of Access: The Clevermind 1.0 iPad app generally thought of everything that would make their application more accessible for seniors. Clevermind users will notice the app’s simple Internet navigation and easy option to sync a Facebook account.

Clevermind 1.0 is available for download from the Apple App Store.

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