Try These Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Grandchildren

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Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day of love, so what better time to show your grandchildren how much you love them? Take this opportunity to surprise them with a gift. Whether you are shopping for a grandson or granddaughter, here are some ideas that can help you put a smile on their little face and joy in their heart this Valentine’s holiday.




For granddaughters in the four to ten age groups, try giving a Pretty Princess Silver Pendant Necklace. This Austrian Crystal pendant comes with a 16″ chain. For added safety, the chain has a spring clasp that secures tightly. Making the gift even more special, the necklace comes in a crown shaped box with a poem inside.


No grandchild will be disappointed with candy on Valentine’s Day! Try giving the Valentine Candy Bucket to your grandson or granddaughter. This bucket is filled with sweet candy treats like heart-shaped lollipops, Hershey’s chocolate, sweet-drizzled marshmallows and more. Grandparents are sure to satisfy their grandchildren’s sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day by giving this bucket full of surprises.

Another great candy gift is the “You’re the Heart of Our Family” Candy Bouquet. This candy treat makes a perfect Valentine gift for young grandchildren. It is a sweet bouquet overflowing with full-sized candy bars like Kit Kats, Snickers, Butterfingers and more. This bouquet is perfect for any sweet tooth in the family!

Stuffed Animals


Younger grandchildren love the comfort and feeling of a trusted stuffed animal. They provide friendship and entertainment for the imagination! Grandparents can try the Plush Peppermint Zebra stuffed animal this Valentine’s Day, as it is a cute and cuddly stuffed animal your grandchildren will want to squeeze and hold for hours.

If zebras are not the kind of stuffed animal for your grandchild, Hilbert Cupid Bear is another great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Hilbert is 10″ tall and has a big, fluffy heart right on his chest. When you purchase this teddy bear, you get more than just the stuffed animal. A box of chocolates and a personalized note is included for your grandchild, making this teddy bear a huge holiday hit.

No matter what gift you choose this Valentine’s Day, your grandchildren will simply be happy to receive a gift filled with so much love from their grandma and grandpa. Remember, the holiday is not about how much you spend, it is about letting loved ones know exactly how special they are.


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