Top 3 Items for Seniors to Buy at a Discount Price

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Seniors do not have to spend hours scouring the sales papers each week in order to find the best prices. Try bargaining! It may feel a bit odd or uncomfortable at first to strike a bargain, but more retailers have begun to expect it. So, what are the top three things that seniors can find at a bargain discount?






One of the major bargain boosters in electronic shopping is that most clerks and managers work on a commission rate. In order to meet their quotas, they may be more willing to negotiate a lower price with seniors. Just how big the discount might be will usually vary, but seniors should never just focus on a dollar amount. Try asking about free delivery or installation if the salesperson will not budge much on the price. Seniors should also try to bring a printout showing the lowest price for the item online. It helps to how that the senior has done their research.



Hair or Spa Services


For seniors who can be flexible with their time, try calling a salon and ask if they might be willing to lower their rates for a haircut or massage service if an appointment is made during any of the least busy time slots. Additionally, try asking if there are any days when the hair stylists or masseurs have fewer clients. This can be a smart way to keep costs down. Seniors can also offer to come in early or late if that makes a difference in the rates.



Department Store Goods


For those seniors who have been putting off that department purchse in hopes of a big sale, it may be possible to get a better price right now. Retail prices are often negotiable, especially on those products that the store wants to move quickly. This may include last season’s styles or discontinued items. While the salesperson on the floor may not have the power to lower prices, seniors should try to make them into an ally when enticing a manager to give a price break. This is a great opportunity to ask about senior citizen discounts and the process of using age as an advantage.


Even if seniors do not get a better price on the item right then, ask about leaving the manager with current contact information so they can call ahead if the item goes on sale. Many seniors build relationships with salespersons or managers over time and receive phone calls in advance of particular items going on sale.


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