Three Unique Christmas Tree Ideas for Seniors with Small Living Space

By November 26, 2012Aging in Place

The Christmas season is in full swing and nothing brings holiday cheer quite like a beautiful Christmas tree. For many seniors, small living spaces can create big obstacles when it comes to holiday decorating. It may seem as if squeezing a Christmas tree into a small space is impossible, but with a little creative thinking, every senior can enjoy his or her own holiday tree. For seniors who want to deck the halls and still have plenty of living space to spare, here are three creative tree ideas:


  • Think Charlie Brown

    Most people can remember Charlie Brown’s poor little Christmas tree, looking barren and droopy. But once that puny little tree was showered with some much needed TLC and Christmas cheer, it became a beautiful holiday tree. Seniors can enjoy their own Charlie Brown Christmas tree by purchasing a potted dwarf Alberta Spruce. The Alberta dwarf trees are generally available from any local nursery and can be purchased for under $10. While the limbs of the Alberta dwarf cannot support ornaments, seniors can still decorate them with lights, tinsel and ribbon. After Christmas, seniors can plant the tree outside and enjoy watching it grow for many years to come.


  • Turn it Upside Down

    For those seniors who are short on floor space, consider an upside-down artificial Christmas tree. The upside-down tree is simply hung from a spot on the ceiling or anchored to the wall. This is a very unique twist on the Christmas tree and it also preserves precious living space within the room.


  • Print an HP Holiday Tree

    For seniors who want a tree without the mess, break out the printer and create an HP Holiday Tree. This tree is four feet tall once complete, can be personalized to include pictures of family members or pets and is simply attached to the wall, so it does not take up any space in the room. After Christmas is over, the tree can simply be thrown into the recycling bin!



No matter what kind of living space seniors may have, one of these three alternative Christmas tree ideas is sure to fit add some holiday cheer to the household.


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