The Many Forms of Elder Abuse

By October 24, 2014Elder Abuse

The Many Forms of Elder Abuse

It’s unfortunate to say but elder abuse takes place everyday. It can take place in a senior’s home, in a relative’s house, or even in a facility that takes care of older adults. It’s very important that if you suspect any kind of abuse, you speak up. In order to be fully informed, you must know all the different types of elder abuse. To learn more about Elder Abuse, join LivHOME’s HOMEcare Hangout on Tuesday, October 28th as our featured eldercare professionals discuss the signs, causes, and prevention of Elder Abuse. Visit to learn more about the event!

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse involves any use of force that is non-accidental and causes pain or impairment. This comes in many forms such as pushing, hitting, tripping, or any other kind of physical assault. If you suspect an elderly person to be the victim of physical abuse, you may notice bruises, scrapes, scars, or limitations to their mobility. They may be shy about it at first or even lie that they had fallen, but it’s important to get to the truth when dealing with physical abuse against an elderly person.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is another type of harm against the elderly, except it does not involve physical pain but psychological damage. This can occur in two ways. The first form is verbal emotional abuse. This involves a person threatening or intimidating a senior by yelling at them and using their words to hurt them. They might also humiliate them or blame them for unreasonable things. The second form of emotional abuse is non-verbal emotional abuse. This can cause just as much psychological damage on a senior. This form of abuse involves neglect or ignoring a senior as well as isolating them from their friends or group activities

Financial Abuse

This type of exploitation involves the misuse of an elderly person’s personal checkbook or bank account. The perpetrators can be anyone from the senior’s own children, to an unscrupulous caregiver, or even an outside scam artist. This type of abuse occurs all too often and most of the times their social security checks are stolen or money is taken directly from their home. That’s why it’s always a good idea to run a background check on someone who is about to take care of your senior loved one. You want the best possible care for them given by honest and loving people.


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