The eyes have it: vital tips for senior eye health

By September 11, 2012Healthy Aging

Growing older can present some vision problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. While it is impossible to stop eyes from aging, it is possible to slow the damage by taking steps to ensure healthy aging for your eyes. The following tips can help seniors and their caregivers to keep eyes looking and feeling healthy through senior years.

Regular eye exams: Annual eye exams can allow doctors to find early signs of retinal damage or glaucoma. Seniors who have certain diseases that increase the risk of eye disorders, like diabetes, can benefit from regular eye exams by stopping damage before it begins, keeping eyes vital for years to come.

Enjoy fruits and vegetables: Seniors should choose a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. Many studies suggest that a regular intake of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin may help lower the risk of eye damage. Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in types of vegetables and fruits that have yellow and orange skins, like corn, carrots, squash or citrus fruits. They can also be found in dark green vegetables like kale and collard greens.

Take a daily vitamin: Seniors or their caregivers are encouraged to take a senior-focused multivitamin every day. The Vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E along with the mineral zinc have been shown to promote the health of eyes. Many of today’s soil has been over-farmed, stripping it of vital nutrients. Replacing these stripped nutrients with a daily senior multivitamin can make a huge difference in healthy aging.

Light up your life: While it is an old wives-tale that people can permanently damage their eyes by reading or working with a poorly-lit area, it is true that poor light can cause some damage to seniors eye health. Reading or working in bad light can cause temporary eyestrain, which can easily lead to overall fatigue and headaches. Seniors and their caregivers can protect their eyes by making sure that areas are properly lit.

While it is impossible to stop time, it is possible for seniors or their caregivers to take steps so that their eyes remain healthy. Clear vision is easier to achieve with the right tools!


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