Arosa+LivHOME to Acquire The Cameron Group Pending Regulatory and Licensure Approval

Upholding its Reputation as the Leading Provider of Aging Life Care Services™

Arosa+LivHOME has agreed to acquire The Cameron Group, a leading provider of care management and home care services in Orlando, Florida, pending regulatory and licensure approval. This will mark Arosa+LivHOME’s fifth acquisition since January and entry into its fifth state.

Founded in 1999, The Cameron Group is led by Amy O’Rourke, MPH, CMC. She is a nationally renowned speaker, a professional care manager, and a former president of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA).

“I have wanted to positively influence how care is provided to older adults in their most fragile and vulnerable years my entire career. The Arosa+LivHOME team is the perfect fit as their values are perfectly aligned with mine”, says Amy O’Rourke. “I know we will become a role model for the country for how care should be provided to older adults. I could not be more excited to see this dream realized.”

East Coast Market Expansion

Additionally, Arosa+LivHOME announced the acquisition of two senior care companies in North Carolina. Senior Care Management Associates, based in Durham, will join Nurse Care of North Carolina, an Arosa+LivHOME company, to provide care management alongside home care services in the Durham – Chapel Hill area. This marks Arosa+LivHOME’s first foray into care management services on the East Coast.

Furthermore, the acquisition of Companion & Home Care, a home care company based in Emerald Isle, NC, will take Arosa+LivHOME to the eastern coast of North Carolina and become the fifth office in the state.

With the latest acquisitions, the company now operates eighteen offices in four states: California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Texas.

“In an industry with over 50,000 providers, our success is dependent on the quality and compassion of our care professionals, and our ability to meet the multitude of needs of our clients and their families says Cyril Vergis, COO of Arosa+LivHOME”. “Ensuring a combined offering of care management and home care services in all of our current and future markets will drive our organic and acquisition growth strategy.”

Care Management + Home Care

LivHOME was founded in 1999 on the premise that care management plus home care, under the same umbrella, would be a revolutionary concept. The combination of care management plus home care services continues to be core to its growth, as it provides families with additional guidance, resources, and support when caring for a loved one.

The company today, Arosa+LivHOME, remains the leader in integrating care management and home care services. It currently employs the most Aging Life Care Professionals™ (ALCPs) in the country, many of whom have extensive experience and certifications in gerontology, social work, nursing, and public health.

Aging Life Care Professionals are skilled in conducting comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments that identify not only an individual’s physical and functional needs, but also their preferences, priorities, risks, and even emotional and social challenges.

“We are proud to be the largest employer of Aging Life Care Professionals,” says Steven Barlam, LCSW, MSW, CMC, Chief Professional Officer of Arosa+LivHOME. “We’ve become the go-to resource for families across the country who are in need of stability, clarity, and peace of mind.”

For more information, please Matthew Toering, Director of Sales & Marketing, at (323) 932-1300.

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