The Benefits of a Positive Attitude

By April 9, 2015Aging in Place

There have been many studies focusing on various factors that work with or against the human body that determine your longevity. Obviously, refraining from smoking, exercising regularly, and eating well all add up to a longer life. However, there has been one study that shows a positive attitude may be all that you need to ensure a longer, happier life (but you should still eat well and exercise).

Immune System
One benefit of positive thinking is that it can actually affect your immune system. The mind, in general, can have a great power over the rest of your body. It does control everything that goes on under your skin. In one study, scientists found that if the area of the brain associated with negative emotions was activated for longer, people had a weaker response to the flu vaccine. On the other hand, those who appeared optimistic exhibited a stronger response to the vaccine and their immune system got stronger.

Heart Health
One key factor for optimists is that they believe a situation is never out of their control. If bad things happen, they focus on what they can change in order to prevent further disappointments, as opposed to believing that the situation is out of their hands. As a result, their levels of stress get reduced. Reduced stress is great for your health. It helps keep your blood pressure level which ultimately leads to a happy heart. Therefore, never dwell on the bad. Analyze where the stress is coming from and think of ways to change that!

Increased Life Span
As we mentioned earlier in this article, optimists appear to live longer than those who think negatively all the time. Why? The answer can be explained up above. Of course people are going to live longer if they have a stronger immune system, low levels of stress, and good cardiovascular health. Positive thinking is like taking your daily vitamins, however you should probably do it more than once a day. There are so many great benefits to your health when you see the glass as half full.

It can be tricky, trying to be positive at all times of the day, and if you do associate yourself as someone who is relatively negative, there’s good news. There are plenty of positive thinking exercises you can do in order to reverse the way you think. Anything from simply reminding yourself of all the good things that happened to you before bed, to something more complicated like replacing negative thoughts the moment you think of them. Whatever works for you! But as you can see, positive is the way to be! Start seeing that glass as half full and start reaping those great health benefits.

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