Elderly Thanksgiving Activities to Do with Family

By November 24, 2014Aging in Place

Thanksgiving is typically thought of as a familial time of year, and unfortunately, the elderly are often left out. Occasional, families feel as though their elderly family members are unable to take part in the holidays or that they are simply disinterested. In many cases, these reasons could not be further from the truth. There are a number of elderly Thanksgiving activities you should ask them to take part in.

Elderly Thanksgiving Activities

Yule Prep
One traditional elderly Thanksgiving activity is to draw names for a Secret Santa party. Drawing names around Thanksgiving gives participants time to plan. The elderly, just as many others, cannot afford to buy everyone a gift, and Secret Santas allow them to take part in gift giving on a budget!

Crafty Cards
The elderly generally enjoy making crafts and contributing in decorating for the holidays. Consider asking them to help make dinner place cards. There are several inexpensive craft ideas for making place cards and the Internet is a wonderful tool to research ideas.

Dinner Prep
Many older adults also enjoy planning and cookin and would love to contribute to meal preparation. Ask them which foods they would like to cook as well as which foods they enjoyed at past Thanksgiving dinners. Use the Internet it to find suitable recipes to accommodate their preferences and nutritional requirements.

Holiday Memoirs
One of the greatest gifts that the elderly give the rest of the world is wisdom and one of their favorite pastimes is sharing memories. Choose a time, perhaps after everyone has finished eating, to ask them about their favorite holiday memories. This is a wonderful activity as it creates a time of bonding for the entire family!

Helping Hands
Consider volunteering with an elderly friend this holiday season. The holiday season is an extremely difficult time of year for those less fortunate. Consider heading over to a Soup Kitchen or hosting a gift drive with a senior friend. Research your options through your town or church’s website!

These five elderly Thanksgiving activities are a way to jumpstart the holidays! What other activities do the elderly enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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