Summertime hobbies and crafts for seniors

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Summer is one of the most popular times to throw a backyard party. It’s a great reason for friends and family to spend quality time with one another, grill outside and have good conversation. The summer can offer senior citizens a wealth of activities, but they must be cautious when it comes to outdoor physical activities because elderly people can easily over exert themselves. Caregivers and in-home care services can use the following tips when creating a suitable list of activities for seniors.

When the weather is nice and seniors feel like getting some sunshine, there are numerous low-impact activities for them to enjoy in the great outdoors. Most seniors can recall a time when they enjoyed a number of activities outside, and there’s no reason they can’t continue participating in most of those activities. They can take a long walk, play golf, go swimming or participate in water aerobics for seniors. The key to safety is for caregivers to find a way seniors can participate safely and comfortably.

For example, seniors can still enjoy working in their garden. Simply use raised planters or soil beds to make the physical labor easier. Bird watching can also be an enjoyable activity for seniors. They don’t need to hike through the woods and risk the possibility of an injury; set up bird feeders around their home or in the yard so that the birds will come to the seniors.

Hobbies and crafts can be fun all year, not just the summer. Caregivers must draw on the interests of a senior, and then come up with some suitable hobbies. Did he or she like to cook? Try gathering fresh fruits and vegetables, and then use them to bake delicious pies and other goodies. If puzzles and card games are more appealing to some seniors, caregivers could try taking them outside. This will allow seniors time to get some fresh air and feel the warm sunshine on their bodies. Arts and crafts can be manipulated to fit the summer season, adding patriotic themes or holiday themes.

Other great summer activities for seniors include karaoke, ice cream socials, join or form a book club and then discuss summer-themed reading. For seniors who have a difficult time reading, caregivers should consider using books on CD so that everyone can listen as the book is read.

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