Summertime food tips for seniors

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A healthy diet is one of the most important tools for seniors who want to stay vital and active. Since many delicious fruits and vegetables are at their peak of freshness during the summer months, elderly adults are encouraged to take advantage of the available varieties at local markets.

Easy and Healthy Summer Fare

Summertime is a great time for seniors to become reacquainted with fruits and vegetables that are full of flavor, perfect for snacking, packed with nutrients, and low in calories. Most fruits and vegetables purchased by seniors or their caregivers have the advantage of no-stress preparation, such as eating them raw or adding them to a salad. With such easy access and preparation, summer fruits and veggies can make healthy meal planning much easier for seniors. The following tips can help seniors and their caregivers make the most out of these foods of the season:


  • Visit the farmer’s market: Buying fruits and vegetables from a local farmer’s market can offer seniors a fresh variety to choose from. Another great thing about the farmer’s market is that seniors are able to decide on the amount of food they want to buy. For example, seniors may only need to buy two or three carrots for a meal, versus having to buy a whole bag of carrots at the grocery store and letting most of them go to waste.
  • Season foods to taste: Summer months allow seniors to add fresh herbs from the garden. Some simple suggestions to try are rosemary, dill or basil.
  • Mix it up with refreshing beverages: Seniors or their caregivers can make some great drinks to help everyone stay cool during summer. Use fresh fruits and vegetables to make smoothies at home. Not crazy about smoothies? Try making some fruit-infused water instead! Add slices of cucumber or watermelon to a picture of iced water for a healthy twist.

Many seniors reach a point in life when they do not want to spend time cooking every single meal at home, then cleaning the kitchen afterwards. They likely want to continue eating tasty meals, however. It’s often too hard for loved ones to come over and prepare meals on a daily basis, as they have tight schedules as well. This is where at-home healthcare services can become an invaluable option and much needed resource for seniors and their family members.

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