Summer Vacation Tips: Traveling with an Elderly Loved One

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Senior citizens enjoy a wealth of free time post-retirement. For many, it’s a golden opportunity to travel, seeing all the places they’ve put on the perpetual backburner. Let’s take a look at some of the best summer vacation tips and how they can put people on the road to stress-free summer.

Planning a Trip
For loved ones, traveling with a senior can present its own unique challenges, planning the trip ahead of time is vital. Where do you want to go? When is the best time to go? How much do you feel comfortable spending? Think about each aspect of the trip, then share what you’ve learned from friends and family members.

Suitable Options
Each time seniors travel, discounts are available. Log on to sites like AAA, AARP, travel clubs for seniors and Internet deals. Figure out which option offers the best deal, meets the goals and sticks to a budget.

Money, Money, Money
Before getting the last suitcase packed, it’s important to plan ahead and decide how travelers will pay for the trip. Is it best to use cash or credit cards? Knowing how much money the group is willing to spend.

Traveling with Prescriptions
Don’t forget to bring along your daily medications, storing them in the original containers. Seniors may also be required to carry a certification when traveling with certain medications. It’s also a good idea to review the side effects of each drug.

It’s All About the Details
A week or more prior to departure, sit down with everyone and go over the trip. Make a “to-do” list, checking off tasks as they are completed. Continue to review the plan, right up to the day of departure. Preparation is the best way to avoid mistakes.

Take it Nice and Slow
Your elderly loved one may not be able to keep up during certain activities; that’s why rest, relaxation, and downtime make for the perfect trip. For example, you wouldn’t want to walk the streets at a break-neck pace; seniors could never keep up. Set aside a specific chunk of time each day and make note of your efforts for next year’s trip.

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