Summer travels: keeping seniors safe at home and on the road

By July 13, 2012Aging in Place

When you begin planning a vacation or trip that includes a senior, it is important to be prepared. If your loved one has a medical condition routinely monitored by a physician, talk to the doctor or nurse to make sure it is safe for them to travel. You will also want to double check for any medications your loved one will need while on vacation. If the supply of medications is running low, you will want to call the doctor and ask about refills before leaving.

You will also want to consider the transportation. Do you have enough room in the car to keep your loved one comfortable when driving long distances? It may be more suitable to rent a car that is larger and offers useful features. Most airlines provide early boarding for elderly flyers, preventing them from having to stand up for long periods. No matter how you get there, you must be safe while traveling.

Once you decide the right type of transportation for your vacation destination, it is time to begin planning activities. An important rule when traveling on vacation with a senior is to plan everything at a slower pace. Seniors need some designated time in order to rest after a long day of activities with the family. Another factor is the weather. Most of the country experiences a significant rise in temperature during summer months. Long periods of exposure to the heat and sun can cause your loved one to feel drained of any energy or exhibit the signs of a heat stroke. For that reason, it is essential to monitor environmental hazards during summer vacations. Many resorts offer activities that are tailored to seniors and their unique interests. Activities may come at little or no cost for the resort guests.

Sometimes caregivers and family members need a vacation but prefer their elderly loved one stay at home. How will they care for themselves when you are not there? There are several options available and it is important that you find the right solution for your situation. One of those options is respite home care. This option allows your loved one to receive care in their own home. A professional caregiver will visit the senior daily and provide assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and preparing meals. LivHOME is one of the most respected providers of in-home care. They have helped countless seniors and family members to plan a vacation that is both exciting and safe for everyone.

If you have been considering a vacation, but secretly assuming the process would be too much trouble, you owe it to yourself and your family to explore the options. LivHOME can offer solutions that make traveling easier, while also ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

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