Summer nutrition tips for seniors

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During the summer months, seniors face some unique nutritional challenges. When the heat rises, it is vital for seniors and their caregivers to pay attention to their health by way of a nutritional diet, hydration and making safe choices when it comes to food. Seniors may need the help of a caregiver or at-home healthcare service to monitor their diet and keep them healthy. Here are some tips to help seniors enjoy a safe summer.

Eat green leafy vegetables and berries. Vegetables provide seniors with essential vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants. Berries can be added to the diet to help seniors with using water to stay hydrated. Summer is a great time to add extra vegetables and berries to the diet because they are so fresh this time of year.

Eat lean proteins. While experiencing the heat of summer, many seniors reduce the amount of protein eaten. If seniors do not crave foods with protein, their caregivers must make an effort to include protein packed foods in their diet. Caregivers can also give seniors protein supplements if needed.


Eat healthy fats and avoid the bad ones. Seniors must change their diets and begin eating less butter, full dairy and fried foods. During summer, caregivers should add olive oil, raw nuts, avocados, sherbet or frozen yogurt to the diet of seniors.

Decrease the intake of caffeine. While many seniors feel like coffee gives them an energy boost, caffeine can actually cause dehydration. Seniors can replace coffee with water. Adding a slice of lemon to the ice water can give it a great taste.

Use good common sense with food safety. Seniors must remember to keep all perishables stored in the refrigerator or freezer. It is essential for leftovers to be stored in the refrigerator no later than two hours after eating. The summer heat can cause bacteria to form very quickly. For example, the bacterium that causes food poisoning can multiply by leaps and bounds if food is not refrigerated promptly after eating.

A smart diet can help seniors to live a vibrant and independent life. For many of those seniors, creating and maintaining a nutritious diet can become a great reason to consider an at-home healthcare service. To discover how LivHOME can help your family, call 323-933-5880 today.

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