Shopping for an Older Mom? 3 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day, which falls on May 11 this year, is the one day set aside to honor mothers. As such, there’s no better time to show your elderly parent she is loved, appreciated and needed. After all, she spent her whole life taking care of you and preparing you for adulthood. She likely passed family recipes down, bandaged up countless cuts and scrapes, helped with homework and comforted your every broken heart. Moms deserve the very best, especially on Mother’s Day.
Shopping for an older mother can be tricky, but it shouldn’t drive you to the edge of a nervous breakdown. To make this Mother’s Day as stress-free as possible, here’s a look at three gift ideas sure to please even the pickiest parent.

Single-Cup Coffee Makers

If your elderly mother is a coffee drinker and lives independently, brewing a whole pot of coffee each morning can seem wasteful. Though the machine makes 12 cups, one person generally can’t drink that much coffee. Additionally, larger coffee makers tend to make larger messes. That simply creates extra work. Instead, why not give her a single-cup coffee maker? Single –cup machines, such as the Keurig, make brewing super easy and require little to no cleanup effort. What’s more, K- cups contain a pre-measured amount of coffee grounds and are instantly ready to brew.

Touch-Control Lamps

For seniors who have trouble with arthritis, turning a table or bedside lamp on and off can be extremely painful. It may not seem like a huge task, but arthritis leaves many older adults unable to perform actions that require hand/finger strength or dexterity.
Touch-control lamps are a wonderful option for mothers who suffer from arthritis in the hand regions. Instead of twisting a switch, all she has to do is touch the base of the lamp. The light automatically dims with each touch. The lamps usually provide three different levels of light: dim, half-dim and high (full power).

A Fancy Hot Water Bottle

Senior loved ones have a tendency to feel cold, even in the dog days of summer. With poor circulation and other factors at play, an elderly mother would likely benefit from a hot water bottle. And we’re not talking about any old hot water bottle, either. The YUYU Bottle is the world’s first and only long hot water bottle, making it perfect for use in the bed. The YUYU holds a full kettle of hot water, plus it comes with a cashmere cover in your choice of colors. Comfort and warmth are always a winning Mother’s Day combination.

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