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LivHOME Connect Tablet

Families Encouraged to Use Holiday Visits to Make Sure Older Relatives are Safe and Secure

Los Angeles, CA (November 22, 2016) – Seniors living at home now have a new way to stay safe, secure and connected with the world: LivHOME Connect.

LivHOME Connect is a care tablet in the home that provides easy two-way wireless communication between seniors, family members and LivHOME professionals.

“Most older adults want to stay in their homes, but they also want to feel safe and family members want the reassurance that their loved ones are protected and they are getting the care they need,” noted Steve Barlam, MSW, LCSW, CMC and LivHOME Founder. “With LivHOME Connect, families and care professionals are just one touch away. The client can instantly connect with a licensed nurse at any time, not only talking with them, but seeing them as well. Families can stay connected using their smartphone to receive important updates and to communicate with LivHOME professionals. By integrating new technology, LivHOME can quickly visualize what is happening and triage the situation appropriately, providing both clinical and psychosocial support without the need of someone being in the client’s home at all times.”

LivHOME urges families to use the upcoming holiday season to examine their elderly loved ones living at home to see if they may be in need of additional assistance. For a list of warning signs to monitor, visit the LivHOME website at

If seniors need assistance beyond caregiving, LivHOME Connect can provide:

• Immediate connection with a licensed nurse 24/7.
• Scheduled medication reminders and calendar events.
• Shared photos to create memories with the family.
• Wellness surveys to understand how the individual is feeling today, allowing families and professionals to monitor responses and make adjustments in care.
• Thoughtful management of chronic conditions.
• Health and wellness data that can be shared with physicians and responsible parties.

The LivHOME Connect system already has an impressive track record in helping seniors stay on track with their Plan of Care and safe in their homes. About one in four alerts so far resulted from the client touching the “Call Me” button on the home screen that immediately connects them to a licensed nurse. About one in three alerts were responses to questions to home care and status surveys, which can trigger an alert, while another one fourth were calendar events that expired without a response from the client.

“LivHOME Connect has been enthusiastically received by seniors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and families, who see it as a great way to keep in touch and make sure the individual is cared for at all times,” noted Barlam. “For example, one of our clients pushed the ‘Call Me’ button when her power unexpectedly shut off, leaving her in total darkness at night. We were able to provide her with reassurance right away and stayed with her on the line until the situation was resolved.”

The LivHOME Connect system is available in Southern, Northern, and Central California; Chicago, Houston, Boston, and the areas around Arlington, Virginia and Silver Springs, Maryland to people using LivHOME services.

About LivHOME:

LivHOME is one of the nation’s largest providers of professional in-home care solutions. Founded in 1999, it enables older adults to remain in their homes for as long as possible, offering integrated care solutions in caregiving, care management, and the latest home care technology. For more information, visit

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