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Senior Resolutions

By December 22, 2014Archives

There are plenty of traditions that come with the holidays. Maybe your family opens one gift on Christmas Eve or they eat pork and sauerkraut every New Year’s day. There may even be a special family recipe dating back to previous generations. Whatever your holidays traditions may be, there is one tradition that almost everyone participates in every New Year’s and that is creating your resolutions.

This year, try talking to your elderly loved ones about their resolutions. It’s important to keep an active and healthy lifestyle as you age. Here is a list of some important resolutions you and your loved ones can keep as we embrace 2015!

Get Healthier
According to the research institute Statistic Brain, weight loss is one of the most common resolutions made by people every year. It’s a good resolution to make. A healthy lifestyle can add years to your life as well as increase your overall outlook about yourself. Having a positive self-image is very important. So why not make healthy choices now? It’s never too late!

There are multiple ways to do so from altering your diet, to taking more walks, to doing chair exercises for those whose mobility is in decline. Whatever you choose, make sure you stick with it. The idea of a resolution is for it to become a habit. If you feel like your lifestyle could use a few more veggies in it or longer walks during the day make that habit last longer than a week or a month. Keep going until you see results, and when you do see results, alter your good habits again! Try eating even healthier or adding more distance onto your walks.

Get Technological
The technological advances of the 21st century have been incredible. Even within the last 5 years it seems like something completely new and innovative is released to the public. Unfortunately, that makes it very difficult for those born well before the turn of the millenium to keep up with all these new devices, apps, and programs to go with it. The world has changed greatly due to high speed internet and social media platforms. We’re much more connected to each other than we were 50 years ago, and that’s a good thing.

Families living on different coasts can see each other everyday from things like FaceTime on the iPhone or the computer program Skype. There are apps that can track your calorie intake or even the amount of steps you’ve taken in the day. You can even play games to keep your mind limber. There are so many good uses for all the new apps and programs, but you have to know how to use them. Help your older loved ones’ stay up to date.

Get Serious
It’s certainly no fun talking about crisis situations, but it’s very important to set a precedent. It would be wise to spend a few minutes or even a few hours discussing what should be done in case of an emergency. Talk to your senior loved one. Figure out what to do about financial scenarios or even the type of care they need in case they become incapacitated. Should you hire a caregiver? Or is it possible for your family to take care of them? These are questions that need to be answered. Again, it’s no easy topic, but one of the most important ones to cover this New Year!

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