Senior Holiday Gift Ideas

By December 15, 2014Aging in Place

It’s never easy finding the right gift for that elderly loved one in your family. I’ve witnessed plenty of gifts still in their packaging from years prior. I’ve asked my parents, “Why haven’t you used any of these new gifts I’ve gotten you.” They always respond the same way with, “There’s nothing wrong with what we have now,” even though some of my father’s winter clothes are literally ripping at the seams. It’s best to try and find something useful that they can utilize in everyday life. Here is a list of suggested ideas that would be perfect for your senior loved ones!

  • Natural Light Lamp – Most older adults love reading print. It might be outdated technology to some Millennials, but at one point books were printed on paper with ink. However, sometimes improper lighting can cause strain on the eyes which leads to headaches. With a natural light lamp, this strain is reduced and mimics real sunlight, reducing strain on the eyes and making reading more enjoyable!
  • Medication Reminder Clock – If your senior loved has had a stroke or heart attack, you’ll know what a saving grace this clock can be. Most seniors take multiple types of pills throughout the day and it’s difficult to keep track of them all. This clock is designed specifically for seniors to stay on top of their medication schedule. It has a loud and extra loud setting for the alarm, just in case your senior is hard at hearing. This is a great gift for anyone who worries whether or not their senior is taking their medication at the right time!
  • Record Player – Yes, we’re talking about another piece of outdated technology, but they’re making a comeback! There’s a higher demand for them now that people crave that nostalgic feeling of placing a needle on a black vinyl record. Does your mother, father, grandpa, or grandmother still have their old records? Get them a record player! Music soothes the soul and is a great brain stimulator.
  • Memory Book – It’s always fun to make something creative for a loved one! This holiday season, do some scrapbooking! Pictures are a great way to bring back great family members. It shows how much you care about them and how all those memories are not lost.

The holiday season is a time for love and joy to be shared with family and friends. However, holiday shopping can get hectic. Hopefully these gift suggestions will come in handy but make sure to give the best gift of all: your attention. Some seniors lack the mobility or even the energy to get out and interact with people. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to spend some time with them. They might not utilize your “perfect” gift, but they will appreciate your love and affection!

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