Senior citizens and community safety

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For seniors, the danger of becoming a victim of crime continues to increase. There are some basic things seniors and their caregivers can do, such as being aware of all surroundings, remaining alert, listening to intuition or even watching out for scams that will make a huge difference when it comes to staying safe.


Since there are many types of danger and criminals who target seniors, it is vital for seniors to be the “BOSS” (Be Observant, Smart, Safe) no matter where they are. The following tips are to help seniors stay safe within their community and when traveling.

  • 1. Understand the surroundings, whether in an office, taking a walk in the neighborhood, shopping at the market or waiting for a bus.
  • 2. For women who are seniors, always carry a purse close to the body, never just loosely by the strap.
  • 3. Never leave a purse or wallet unattended.
  • 4. For men who are seniors, place a wallet in the inside coat or front pocket of the pants.
  • 5. Wrap a large rubber band around the wallet to make it more difficult to be stolen from the pockets.
  • 6. Never carry large amounts of cash in your pockets.
  • 7. When using public transportation, always be aware of the exit locations in case of emergency.
  • 8. When driving, always lock the doors once inside the car and then keep them locked while driving.
  • 9. Avoid dark and desolate parking lots or underground garage structures if at all possible.


Home Safety Tips

  • 1. Sign up to have all pension or social security checks directly deposited, keeping personal information out of the mailbox.
  • 2. Seniors or their caregivers must be sure that all door locks are working properly and replace any that are malfunctioning.
  • 3. Seniors and their caregivers should secure all basement and attic windows, ensuring they cannot be forced open from the outside of the home.
  • 4. Before letting delivery people inside, seniors should ask for company identification or call the company to verify employment.
  • 5. Never be led into a scam or agree to do business with con artists who present investment schemes, home upgrade scams or even funeral arrangement scams. These are businesses that do not normally need to solicit customers.


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