Self-Defense Basics for Seniors

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Elderly people are often the target of crime that could easily be avoided with the use of some basic self-defense tactics. While some of these techniques require the use of an aid, such as a cane, others only require the use of your body. If you ever find yourself in danger, it is time to defend yourself.

Using a Cane for Defense


While some seniors may consider their cane to be a crutch, others view their cane as a weapon of self-defense. You can often times defend an attack by simply knowing how to swing a cane properly. Cane-Fu is a type of self-defense taught by Cane Masters, a cane manufacturer. There are a number of moves you
can perform with the cane, like using it to hit the side or the back of an attacker’s knee. It is also effective to hit the attacker in the groin or the ribcage using your cane, which gives you enough time to get away to safety.



Techniques Using the Arms and Hands

A very effective maneuver used in senior self-defense is using the finger or thumb to jab the attacker anywhere on the face, concentrating mainly on the eyes or the nose. Try using your arm or elbow to hit an attacker in the throat, chest or groin area. The goal is to hurt an attacker and buy yourself enough time to


Another great move is to use an open-palm strike. Always use the dominant hand, placing the other one by your side, to strike the attacker directly under the chin. Put the entire force of your body into the strike in order to give it more power. Once you begin the motion, do not hold back.



Preventing a Choke Hold


Many assailants like to put victims into a choke hold so they cannot fight back. If in this situation, remember not to panic. There are always ways for seniors to get out of the position. Raise your arms over your head and turn your body. As you turn, bend an elbow, come down over the attacker’s arms, and pull them close to your body. This essentially traps them, allowing you to use your free hand to attack their eyes/nose/throat area. If unable to break free using this tactic, use your legs. Lift one by bending at the knee and kick the attacker’s knee as hard as you possibly can. This should make the assailant break their choke hold and fall.


If someone ever tries to attack you, yell as loud as you can in order to draw attention to your situation. If you are forced to physically defend yourself, be aware that male assailants expect to be kicked in the groin area. Try surprising them with a different and unexpected maneuver. If you are a senior who keeps
pepper spray, you should remember to replace it every year so that it does not lose potency and always keep it within your reach.


Could you use these self-defense tactics in an emergency situation? What would you think about taking a Cane-Fu class? Share your opinions below.


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