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Saturday is D Day: Honoring Our Veterans

By June 4, 2015Archives

For many older Americans, June 6 is “D-Day,” or the day of the Allied invasion of Normandy, leading to the liberation of France in World War II. Remembered by many seniors, D-Day is a time when we can all honor those who have served our country. Here are some activities that your senior may enjoy in honor of D-Day.

Listen to a story. Your senior may remember the trials of World War II and D-Day. Ask him or her to tell you about their experiences in WWII, whether or not they were in the military. At that time, the whole nation was involved in the war and your senior loved one may enjoy telling you about activities they performed to support the troops.

Support the Veterans of Foreign Wars.Find out if the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post is having a special event. VFW posts often host lunches or potlucks where you and your senior loved one may visit with veterans, some of whom may have D-Day in mind. When you get there, be sure to say thank you to all of the present veterans.

Participate in Operation Gratitude. Your senior may enjoy helping out with Operation Gratitude’s project to send care packages to military personnel serving overseas. You can find out how to get involved at Operation Gratitude.

Participate in Military Missions for Families. Many WWII veterans would appreciate knowing that your senior loved one was celebrating their service by offering assistance to other veterans, active-duty servicemen and their families. There are several organizations which a senior may be interested in including: USO’s United Through Reading program, Operation Homefront, Wounded Warrior Project and many more organizations listed on

Learn About D-Day. Even if your senior remembers D-Day, he or she may not know the whole story. You can find out more on the website for the National D-Day Memorial and help educate them on the historical event. The Memorial Museum is located in Bedford, Virginia but you may enjoy browsing online resources.

Visit a Memorial. It may be a trip to the cemetery to honor the veterans or it may be a trip to a local museum to learn more about America’s history but your senior will enjoy getting out to show appreciation.

Read a Book or Watch a Movie about World War II. You can find movies and books documenting the lives of soldiers or other military actions during this time. Check out the History Channel or at the local library.

D-Day was a specific turning point in World War II but it was only one day in the life of many veterans. Your senior will remember other actions and those in the military. He or she may have ideas of his own that will help him commemorate the day. The main thing is that he or she is able to honor veterans and those who have lost their lives or served our country in the military.

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