Random Acts of Kindness Day

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If you’re a full-time caregiver, everyday may seem like Random Acts of Kindness Day to you. However, caregivers don’t become caregivers because they’re looking for some sort of fulfillment. They do what they do because caring for someone is their passion. Nevertheless, if you, a caregiver, are looking to participate in this wonderful awareness day here are some ideas in order for you to participate.

Volunteer at the SPCA
There’s nothing more rewarding than finding that special someone who offers nothing but unconditional love, even if they happen to be covered in fur and walk on four legs. Volunteering at your local SPCA is a wonderful way to spend your Random Acts of Kindness Day. Of course, the moral of this holiday is to help other human beings by offering your services, but in reality, the workers of the shelter will certainly be glad to see you as soon as you walk through that door. Most animal shelters have more dogs than volunteers, so any little bit helps.

Helping out these furry friends by taking them on walks, feeding them, and just giving them the attention they deserve is a wonderful act of kindness. You can even bring your senior loved one, as interactions with pets is a wonderful activity for the elderly. It’s good way for the two of you to participate in an activity together!

Cook Dinner for a Friend
Has there been a certain somebody whom you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile? Invite them over for dinner! Prepare that one special meal you’re really good at making and have a casual meal with a good friend. It’s mutually beneficial for both parties. Your friend gets a delicious meal, and you get some quality time with a close acquaintance. Everyone wins.

Some of the best therapeutic medicine for a caregiver is to have warm conversations with good people. However, the purpose of this dinner isn’t solely for your benefit. That takes away from the random act of kindness aspect to it, but sometimes holding conversations that steer away from work and other stressors are enough to make anyone feel better. So bust out those cookbooks or old family recipes and invite someone over for dinner for Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Thank Someone Who Made a Difference in Your Life
Did a teacher truly strive to make you a better person? Or perhaps there was a coach that inspired you to be the best you can possibly be. Parents are also great influencers in their childrens’ lives. Whoever it may be, reach out to them. The beauty of the internet these days is that a personal connection is only a click away. Send an email or a Facebook message. Folow them on Twitter and send them a direct message. Let them know that their beacon of influential light made a difference in your life.

It’s also mutually beneficial to you, because someone who has made a difference in your life can continue to do it. If there is someone out there who truly sent you down the right path, you’re going to want to stay in contact with them. Their words of wisdom don’t need to cease simply because of distance. Connect with them again. It’s a great activity to do at the end of Random Acts of Kindness Day. Of course, all of these suggestions don’t need to be done simply because of a holiday. These are good life practices that should be considered everyday!

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