Quick Tips to Help Boost Seniors’ Energy

By April 20, 2016Aging in Place

Aging doesn’t have to equate to a decline in activity. In fact, exercising and staying active are crucial ways to help fend off symptoms of old age and boost energy. For those who have low energy, there are ways to boost it and get moving. Here are a few ways to find higher energy for a more active life:

Go on a power walk!
Running isn’t necessary but moving those feet quickly for a brisk walk is and it’s good exercise! It causes the lungs to breath in deeply which encourages stronger core muscles and improves metabolism. Dancing can have the same effect! Movement helps to transport oxygen throughout the body and nothing is better than a walk with friends.

Eat Healthy.
Eating foods that are high in fat can deplete energy but eating fruits and vegetables creates energy. If a senior wants to boost energy, it will be important to avoid meals high in carbohydrates. Carbs can produce serotonin which encourages the body to sleep. High protein foods like hard boiled eggs, tuna, and turkey will boost energy. LivHOME caregivers often make small, nutritious meals for seniors in their homes that are appetizing. Eating with someone makes meals more enjoyable and seniors are apt to eat more.

Sleep Well.
As people age they are at higher risk of developing sleep apnea. Getting a full night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of staying healthy and active. It’s important to develop a bedtime ritual and stick to a consistent bedtime. There really is no such thing as sleeping more one day to “catch up” on sleep lost the night before. It doesn’t work and it doesn’t get the body back into a regular, productive sleep rhythm.

Stay Hydrated.
Water and herbal tea can help a senior stay hydrated throughout the day. Watermelon or lettuce can keep the body hydrated too. Many seniors are at risk of dehydration due to certain medications they’re taking, and an increase in fluid needs in their body. A senior who “doesn’t eat much anymore” is putting themselves at risk of dehydration too. Things are thrown off balance when the need for fluids is higher, but the intake of food and beverages is lower.

Be Mentally Active.
High energy isn’t just about the physical side of things. If the mind is not in the right place to get moving, eat healthy, and motivated, none of it is going to happen. Those who are highly stressed need to find ways to reduce it. Others who feel that they’re “too old” to get back into shape or pick up new activities may just need a few inspiring words. All of this can be done and the goal is to have the energy to begin!

For busy family members, LivHOME caregivers offer support services in the home. They are experienced in spending time with seniors and helping them to participate in activities of daily life.

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