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By August 25, 2016Aging in Place
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Chances are that the senior in your care is not interested in big, heavy meals. They can be hard to digest and either cause sleepiness in the afternoon or interfere with a solid night’s sleep. Light meals can be just as nutritional as big ones, more appetizing for the senior and easier for the caregiver to prepare. LivHOME caregivers are experts at preparing appealing meals for seniors.

Here are some of the highly nutritious, easy recipes they like to prepare:

Oatmeal and fruit: It’s such an old-fashioned meal that it’s easy to overlook. Oatmeal is low fat, low salt, high in protein and fiber, warm, and delicious. It can be cooked to eat in the morning, or in the slow cooker with a bit of brown sugar, raisins and other add-ins.

Multi-grain waffles: These are surprisingly versatile. They are great for breakfast out of the toaster. They can be the foundation for a wide variety of creative sandwiches, and they can even be topped with freshly cooked chicken, slices of fruit or yogurt.

Yogurt parfaits: Pleasant to look at and good to eat — yogurt parfaits are filled with low-fat dairy, fruits, grains and, if you use Greek yogurt, protein. They can be made ahead of time and placed in the refrigerator for breakfast or snacks.

Egg and red potatoes: It takes a minute to chop a red potato and sauté it in butter until soft. Pour some lightly beaten eggs on top and you have a warm and delicious breakfast, lunch or light dinner.

Wraps: Buying flatbread, pita or tortillas for wraps turns leftovers into a delicious sandwich. Leftover meat, chicken or fish, along with a few chopped vegetables, fruit, grated or shredded cheese, even scrambled eggs makes a good meal.

Pasta: Hot or cold pasta is a great multi-purpose food. Cook pasta for a hot meal at night. Use the leftovers to toss a quick pasta salad with chopped sweet red peppers, broccoli, cubed chicken and low-fat yogurt instead of mayonnaise. For those with a sweet tooth, add mandarin oranges to the salad and bit of honey to the yogurt.

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If a liquid diet is required, there are still many flavorful options that can be prepared for the senior. LivHOME caregivers rely on these items for nutritious, liquid diets:

• Yogurt
• Cranberry Juice
• Thin oatmeal or cream of wheat layered with applesauce or other smooth fruit and brown sugar for flavor
• Smoothies
• Soups, puddings, Jell-O
• Protein shakes
• Protein supplements such as Ensure

It’s not easy for tired caregivers to take on cooking responsibilities as well. These easy meals make cooking simpler and nutrition easier to digest.

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