Parkinson’s Disease: Senior Caregivers Get a Helping Hand from Technology

By April 21, 2014Aging in Place

The developers at Great Lakes Neurotechnologies are hoping to make life a bit easier for caregivers and seniors citizens. They’ve developed a product focused on Parkinson’s disease and the monitoring of its associated symptoms. Using mobile technology, the Great Lakes Neurotechnologies group aims to make monitoring the symptoms of Parkinson’s more efficient for homecare.

Parkinson’s and Utilizing Tech
Great Lakes Neurotechnologies manufactures the Kinesia technology platform, which is already being used in clinical trials and showing valuable promise. The Kinesia platform is approved by the FDA and includes wearable sensor and computer (or tablet) software that monitors the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Each of the evaluated symptoms are motor-related and commonly seen in those seniors diagnosed with the disease.

How Kinesia Works
The system itself is impressive. It functions as a sensor device, worn on the finger of a senior who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, senior caregivers will find some valuable tools in Kinesia’s patient kit.

Included with Kinesia is a tablet that offers broadband connectivity. The tablet guides seniors and their caregivers through a series of assessments. The platform also collects the detailed data garnered by the senior-worn sensors. Once all the data is obtained, it is immediately transferred to the cloud. A web portal is also standard issue with Kinesia, allowing long-distance loved ones or physicians to log in and check on a senior‘s progress.

Kinesia has the ability to assist in a number functions. Senior caregivers have an ability to monitor the progression of Parkinson’s disease or evaluate the potential advancements among new treatment therapies.

The patient system can also play a role in the field of neurology. After neurologists surgically implant deep brain stimulation devices, Kinesia helps him to adjust the device settings. When fine-tuned, deep brain stimulation is able to keep most of the classic Parkinson’s side effects at bay.

Though the Kinesia platform is still in its infancy, senior caregivers around the world are counting the days to its release. According to Great Lakes Neurotechnologies, the application will hit the market by the end of the year.

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