Outdoor Games and Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

By July 8, 2013Aging in Place

It’s that time again—your grandchildren are coming to visit! This is an exciting prospect for any grandparent, but are you worried about entertaining them? Summertime is a great time to be outdoors as much as weather permits, and here are five fun outdoor games for grandparents you can do with your grandkids during their visit.

Five Outdoor Games for Grandparents

  1. Go to a local pick-your-own-fruit farm. Find one near you and bring the kids along. Make it a contest: pick as many fruits as you can carry. When you get home, bake a delicious pie or another fun dessert with what you’ve picked.
  2. Go on a nature walk. Even if it’s just around your neighborhood, the local park, or even in your backyard, take the kids on a little adventure. Point out your favorite landmarks and go on a scavenger hunt. Try to find butterflies, interesting rocks, flowers, and leaves.
  3. Go to a concert in the park. Check your local park’s outdoor concert or theater schedule and bring the kids along. Lay out a big blanket, bring some fun finger foods, and plenty of lemonade. Enjoy an evening under the stars!
  4. Set up a sprinkler in your backyard, put on your bathing suits, and run through it together. Kids, no matter what age, love the water. And they especially love when grandma or grandpa play in the water with them! This is a great outdoor activity on a hot day if you want to stay as cool as possible while still being active.
  5. Collect lightning bugs in a jar.This is a classic pastime for everyone! See who can catch the most and make sure you have a small prize for the winner. Then, you can all say goodbye as you release your new friends before the night is over.

These are all low-energy outdoor games for grandparents that won’t exhaust you but will keep you and your grandchildren entertained. You will get outside, have fun, and make memories with the kids that you won’t soon forget. Make sure you and your grandchildren stay healthy and hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit! And don’t forget: take pictures and put them in a scrapbook to remember the special times you spent together.

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