Ordinary household items can pose serious threat to seniors

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Electrical cords, stacks of magazines, dirty floors, bunched area rugs and poor lighting can cause older adults to stumble and fall, leading to injuries ranging from minor cuts to far more serious hip fractures and head trauma. This is especially true for seniors whose balance, vision or cognitive abilities are impaired.

In fact, one in three adults age 65 and older suffers from falls each year, warns Steve Barlam, Chief Professional Officer of LivHOME. Often, these falls lead to emergency room visits, an increased fear of falling and reluctance to take part in healthy physical activities such as walking.

In the latest episode of The Senior Care Podcast by LivHOME, titled Home Safety, Steve Barlam, LivHOME’s Chief Professional Officer, examines home safety, a particularly important issue given that one in three seniors age 65 and older suffers falls each year. He addresses topics including: the most common reasons for falls and ways to avoid them, the importance of home security for seniors, the value of having an emergency supply kit in the home, and home safety issues for seniors suffering from dementia.

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