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By December 17, 2014Aging in Place

The New Year’s is a time for resolutions and making good on the promises you’ve made to better yourself. Unfortunately, some senior citizens lack the physical and mental strength to make that happen. That’s why this New Year’s, it’s a good idea to do an assessment to make sure they’re living a healthy and happy life. Use this holiday time to gauge how well your senior loved ones are doing!

Look around their home. Is it clean? Does it have clutters of mess all around the different living areas? Has it been cleaned recently? If not, then it might be best to address these issues. An unclean home can be a potentially dangerous home due to fire hazards as well as health hazards. If a senior is unable to tend to the care of their own home then it might be time to downsize. Talk to other family members about making the life easier of your elderly loved one.

We’ve talked, at large, recently about assessing your senior driver’s ability to operate a vehicle. It’s a very difficult talk to have, because driving grants a feeling of independence and freedom. However, if you are noticing things such as dents, scratches, and damages to the car or garage, it might be a good idea to assess your senior’s ability to drive. Let them take you out for a drive. If they’re driving too slow or having a hard time remembering where to go, it might be a good idea to have that difficult conversation about ceasing to drive. For more information about having that talk, visit this link here.

Healthy Aging
It’s always best to stay on top of your senior’s health. Know what kind of medications they’re taking. Did they get any new ones? Have they increased any dosage? Do their medications have any side effects. These are all important questions to ask. Yes, it may be annoying for both parties, but the more questions you ask, the more you truly care about your loved one. Their health is important. Let them know that by staying on top of their daily lives and medication schedule.

One of the most difficult conversations to have with a loved one is about finances. However, it’s a very critical one to have. A crisis or emergency can occur at any time, and it’s good to know where you can find records of their financial reports. It’s also a good idea to gain a grasp on their own financial security. Check their mail. Are there bills piling up or is everything paid off in time? Do they need any help? Older adults have a very tough time accepting help from other people. However, if you inquire about their financial status and there are certain bills that they can’t pay, offer to help. It’s a good way to give back for all the love and care they offered you while they were raising you.

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