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National Craft Month: 3 Activities You Can Do With Your Senior Loved One

By March 23, 2015Archives

March holds plenty of important awareness days. However, it may hold the most enjoyable of them all! With the seasons changing and the days getting longer make sure you and your senior loved one get the most out of National Craft Month! In our latest blog we’ll provide you with three great ideas to get your crafting going, but don’t be afraid to do your own.

Paint a Flower Pot
As we mentioned earlier, March is the perfect time to get crafting. The seasons are changing over which also makes it the perfect opportunity to start gardening. What’s a better way to combine both activities than by painting some flower pots?

Head to your closest agricultural shop and purchase some seeds and flower pots. Then, make a quick stop at a local craft shop and purchase all the necessary items to get styling. The rest is up to you and your senior loved one! However, if you’re looking for an easy starter seed to grow, basil is a great choice. It’ll provide your senior loved one with the confidence knowing that they can nurture and grow their own food. Who knows? This small craft idea can turn into a brand new hobby.

DIY Trail Mix Mason Jar
Looking for a delicious snack and a fun way to personalize the container it comes in? Try making your very own trail mix. It’s a healthy snack packed with important nutrients and an alternative way to get protein that doesn’t require consuming red meat. Pick out a proper trail mix recipe that suits your senior loved one. Then, get crafting on the mason jar you choose to store your tasty treat.

You can even use all the supplies you bought at the craft store for the flower pot activity. However, don’t be afraid to purchase some ribbon or anything else you think that would look great in order to personalize your senior loved one’s mason jar. It’s a great springtime activity for the both of you.

Write Love Letters
This is a great cognitive activity as writing is a good exercise for the mind. However, this isn’t just an opportunity to help your senior loved one get a good cerebral workout. This is a chance to truly tell your loved one how much you care about them and vice versa. The caregiver – caree relationship is a special one. Let them know how special theirs is.

Of course, this is also an opportunity for them to reach out to other loved ones. Perhaps, they had a spouse pass away or a sibling that is no longer with them. Encourage them to open up and write them a letter, too. Then, you can save all the letters and create a Wall-of-Fame of people who made a positive impact in your senior’s life. It’s a nice walk down memory lane.

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