Motorola Proposes Some Truly Advanced Ways to Use a Password

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Did you know that in an average day, you could be entering a computer password up to 39 times? That’s 39 times that hackers could potentially gain access to your personal password, potentially gaining access to precious information. Realizing the opportunity, technology is once again attempting to make life easier by changing the way we do things. But this time, the technology is not wrapped up in a downloadable app.

Motorola is the first company to come up with an idea that will keep your password to all to yourself. The new idea is called an electronic tattoo and it would essentially turn your body into a living, breathing password.

The idea behind the electronic tattoo is that you could wear your own personal password on your skin. Researchers believe that this could give you a better and safer method of authentication, wearing the tattoos for up to a week at a time. Working with a group called MC10, Motorola is looking to create tattoo with some sort of sensor and antenna that would adhere to your skin, but not permanently.

Why should seniors trust Motorola and MC10 in this venture? It’s because MC10 has a wonderful medical track record. In the past, the company has submitted test results and research indicating just how tattoos can benefit patients. MC10 believes the technology could eventually replace implanted pacemakers.

So, what if you don’t like the idea of wearing a tattoo on your skin that serves as your password authentication? Then you can always opt to take a pill. Inside these particular pills you won’t find standard blood pressure or cholesterol medications, but technology.

According to a spokesperson from Motorola, they hope to develop a pill that can serve as a type of “battery” that you ingest by mouth. Once in your stomach, the battery is powered by the acids that are naturally present. This powered up battery creates a signal within your body, essentially turning you into a walking password.

While this technology may sound years away, there is actually a currently approved FDA-version of the pill that is used. Created by Proteus Digital Health, the pill is taken by mouth and used to send information from inside your body directly to your doctor or specialists. Talk about convenience.

What do you think about this new technology? Would you feel comfortable wearing or swallowing technology? Tell us what you think below.


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