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January 6, 2020—Arosa+LivHOME has acquired Lifecare Innovations, one of the leading providers of professional care management services. The acquisition bolsters Arosa+LivHOME’s presence in the greater Chicago metropolitan area and strengthens its reputation as the premier provider of integrated care management and caregiving.

Founded in 1995, Lifecare Innovations is nationally recognized for its extensive care management, guardianship, litigation support, and home care services. The company includes 20 care managers with advanced degrees in nursing, social work, and psychology who have comprehensive experience guiding families through the aging journey.

“We are thrilled to join the Arosa+LivHOME team,” says Lauren Sherman, President of Lifecare Innovations. “This brings together two companies who have a shared passion for ensuring clients receive optimal care while maximizing their quality of life. The acquisition will allow us to have an even larger footprint in the Chicagoland market as well as on a national basis. We look forward to continued growth and development of additional product lines with our new partner.”

Since December 2018, Arosa+LivHOME has acquired eight companies. The company now has four offices in the Chicago metropolitan area, including Burr Ridge, Skokie, Lake Forest, and Grayslake.

Fulfilling Unmet Needs

The difficulty of managing a disability, disease, or age-related vulnerability can be overwhelming for individuals and their family members. Challenges can include navigating complex healthcare systems, finances, pet care, housing, and family dynamics. All too often these heavy burdens impact the health and quality of life of the primary family caregiver.

Research finds that nearly half of older adults ages 65 and older have difficulty carrying out daily living activities without assistance. Furthermore, the total number of individuals juggling work and family caregiving is increasing exponentially.

According to a study in 2017 by AARP, the six areas of opportunities when serving the older population include support with daily essential activities, health and safety, care coordination, transition support, social well-being, and caregiver quality of life. Care management is an essential ingredient to fulfill these unmet needs.

By hiring a professional care manager, families gain an extra set of eyes and ears on the situation and can better manage the myriad of challenges that come with aging. As a result, more time, money, and energy is saved for the family caregiver.

Investing In Superior Models of Care That Reach The Greatest Number of Clients

Arosa+LivHOME operates with the premise that the integration of care management and home care leads to better care and outcomes for individuals and their families.

“With the addition of Lifecare Innovations, Arosa+LivHOME employs 70 care managers in six states. These team members ensure that each client we serve has a customized plan for tackling life’s toughest challenges, and most importantly, the direct support to implement it. Once partnered with our treasured caregivers, each of our client’s family members can get back to being a daughter, son, wife, husband, relative, or friend again,” says Cyril Vergis, COO of Arosa+LivHOME.

Arosa+LivHOME currently operates twenty-four offices in six states: California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

For more information, contact Arosa+LivHOME, 5670 Wilshire Blvd Suite 500, Los Angeles, California 90036, (323) 932-1300, or visit www.livhome.com.

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