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Know the Warning Signs: Does Your Senior Need at Home Care?

By February 25, 2015Aging in Place

Seniors don’t like to admit they need help. The last thing they want to be is a burden. Therefore, they’ll continue with their lives independently to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, some seniors will need help. It’s up to you to know the warning signs when at home care is needed and start to become aware of the benefits of in-home care.

Weight Loss
Weight loss can be caused by several factors. It can be attributed to a loss of taste buds from various medications a senior loved one is taking. It might even be a deeper problem such as lacking the energy to prepare meals. If this is the case, explore your elder care options. A well-balanced diet is essential to healthy aging and weight loss should not be viewed as a temporary problem. If a senior loved has lost the ability to cook for themselves, consider the benefits of hiring. Good nourishment is necessary for aging happily.

Poor Hygiene
This is another proper warning sign that an elderly loved one may need help around the house. Our daily routines are so ingrained into our minds that it should seem odd that a loved one is forgetting to shower or brush their teeth. How well an older person can structure their day is a great indicator to see if they can still efficiently live on their own. If a person’s daily schedule is falling apart, at home care may be the best option to maintain their quality of life.

Cluttered Home
No one likes a messy home. If an older loved one is struggling with keeping their home clean and organized, consider what may be causing this. It could be a sign of depression, as loneliness tends to affect many older adults. Another possibility is that your older loved one may not be in the best physical shape. A caregiver can help by providing the necessary muscle around the house to keep things clean, as well as providing comfort and support to aging loved ones.

Forgetful Behavior
Does your loved one have bills piling up? Does he or she forget to fill their prescriptions? These are the warning signs you should look for in forgetful behavior. Many older adults could greatly benefit from having an extra mind help them remember to keep up with their daily calendar.

There are many signs and symptoms of aging and the come on a big spectrum. However, it takes extra care and observance from your behalf in order to determine if your senior loved one needs at home care.

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