July is Social Wellness Month

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It’s that time of year again! As always, the month of July celebrates and recognizes the importance of social wellness. What is social wellness, you ask? In its simplest terms, it refers to someone’s ability to talk and/or interact with the people around them.

Social wellness requires stellar communication skills, solid personal relationships, giving and receiving respect, and establishing a strong support system made up of friends and family members. Two mottos that social wellness follows are:

  • It is better to contribute to the common welfare of our community than to think only of ourselves.
  • It is better to live in harmony with others and our environment than to live in conflict with them.

Are you Dedicated to Social Wellness?
How can you tell if someone is giving his or her all when striving for social wellness? You’ll begin to notice the value of living in harmony and developing/sticking to the original plan for social wellness.

  • Do you make an effort to spend quality time with family members and friends? If so, how often do you visit either group?
  • Do I honestly enjoy the time I get to spend with other people?
  • Are the relationships you have with others providing positive and rewarding outcomes?
  • Do I embrace and explore diversity by interacting with people of other cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs?

Tips for Celebrating Social Wellness Month
Wondering how you can celebrate social wellness during the month of July? Why not try these ideas on for size?

  • Focusing on relationships: Ask if your demeanor makes you seem outgoing, relatable, and approachable. Take the time to reach out and connect with old friends. Additionally, you can make an effort to form new friendships.
  • Spend some quality time listening to other people:  By simply listening to someone speak, you learn a lot about the things that are important in life.  Listening is one of the best things we can do for others. It’s also a great way to keep personal issues and challenges in perspective.

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