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On January 31st each year, celebrating “Inspire Your Heart with Art” day gives people an excellent opportunity to get out and enjoy all the color and creativity that the world has to offer. Though the exact origins of this holiday are unsure, it is designated as a time to elevate the heart and soul through the observation or creation of artworks.


Art as Inspiration


Works of art reflect the power of the human mind and show the beauty we can create with our own hands. Unfortunately, with the stress and hustle of daily life, works of art are often overlooked and unappreciated. Inspire Your Heart with Art is a day set aside so that everyone can take just a few minutes to remember what inspires them.


How You Can Enjoy the Holiday


On the day of January 31st, do what truly inspires you or moves your soul. Take the day to experience art in your own life. Take a look at a piece of art…it does not matter if it is a painting, a sculpture, a free-hand sketch, an essay or short story…then think about how the piece affects your heart. How does it make
you feel? Do certain colors make you happier? Does a specific poem bring memories of your loved ones flooding back? That is the purpose of Inspire Your Heart with Art day.


Unique Ideas for the Day


In order to enjoy Inspire Your Heart with Art day, here are some great ways for you to get your heart pumping and full of creativity:

  • Visit an art museum
  • Read an art book at the library
  • Enroll yourself in a local art class
  • Read your favorite poem or short story out loud
  • Go see a concert
  • Commit to learning how to play your favorite musical instrument
  • Sign up for local dance classes
  • Take some photographs
  • Learn to cook an exquisite meal
  • Enjoy a pottery class
  • Attend a craft fair


These are just a few ideas for how you can enjoy the beauty of art on January 31st. Remember, do not just look at art! Stop and think about how it effects your heart and your mood. Allow yourself the freedom to create something on your own, then step back and take a long look at what you made. More importantly,
take the time to appreciate your ability to create. That is the meaning behind Inspire Your Heart with Art.


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  • Linda says:

    I had no clue this was a real holiday but now that i know i will be taking my grandkids to the local museums to spend some qualtiy time with them and help my heart at the same tiem!!!!!

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