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How to Prevent a Parent from Hiding Aging Issues

By April 7, 2015Aging in Place

As parents age, they do their best become less of a burden on their families by hiding their aging issues. Parents are wonderful. They spend a good portion of their lives’ raising their kids to be successful individuals. We owe a lot to them. Therefore, when parents age, the least we can do is help them age happily.

However, some parents still try their hardest to keep things from their children in order to prevent further worrying. That’s why it’s important to let your parents know that you’re here to help. There are several health-related issues that adults go through when they get older. Talk to them and explain that it’s important to say something when they’re not feeling great. Here are a list of various issues that may arise as your parents ages.

Falls are the number one cause of older adults ending up in the hospital. They might try to keep certain fall-related injuries a secret from you because this could mean that they need extra help getting around to various locations. They could also fear that you’ll want their home modified in order for it to be livable to them. Parents want to be less of a burden, but they also want to keep their independence.

If you suspect your parents may have had a fall by certain bruises on their bodies or a limp in their step, talk to them. Let them know that they need to be safe in their own home. As we stated before, parents want to keep their independence. Therefore, set up schedules with them. Pick a day and a time where the both of you can knock out specific chores like going to the grocery store or cleaning up the house. They’ll appreciate the help, and you’ll gain that peace of mind knowing they’ve accomplished their chores in a safe manner.

This symptom can lead to the first issue we wrote about. It’s possible that falls can occur from another specific problem. Dizziness is a common health issue in the elderly. It can be caused by low blood pressure, a specific medication that they take, or dehydration. A parent might hide this issue from you, because they feel like it’s something unusual that just occurred that one time. However, if it is caused by something like low blood pressure or dehydration than it’s best to get them a doctor’s appointment. Something like this may seem trivial to them but can wind up being a much larger issue.

Financial Difficulties
Once a parent retires, it’s difficult to keep up with all the bills and expenses of independent living, because they no longer have a steady income. You might notice they’re having trouble with their finances if you see some overdue bills lying around the house. It’s important that you bring it up to them. The last thing you want is for a parent to be hassled by bill collectors. If this is the case, there are a multitude of government programs they can sign up for or even community agencies that can provide assistance.

It might just be that a parent is having trouble paying the bills on time simply because they forget. This is where setting up a schedule becomes useful again. Have a talk with them. Learn when their bills are supposed to be paid, and the two of you can structure a bill paying schedule in order to keep the bills from being overdue.

These are merely a few of the issues that can surround your aging parent. Don’t let these or any other health or financial struggle go unnoticed. You may sit down and talk with them, and they’ll tell you that everything is going great. However, if you notice some warning signs like bruises, hospital bills, or late notices on bills bring it up to them. Provide them with evidence for your concern and be open about it. Your parent won’t want to be burden, but it’s more important that they age happily as opposed to being overlooked.

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