How Health Helps Improve Seniors Independence

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After years of medical studies and scientific research, experts across the board now agree that it is vital for older adults to stay active. In addition, it has been proven that daily activity is most beneficial when it includes forms of both mental and physical exercise.

For seniors, consistent physical and mental activity can help to make vast improvements in multiple areas. For instance, daily activity helps to increase and maintain mobility, boost brain activity and improve overall quality of life.

Here are some other reasons why older adults need to get a daily dose of activity:

  • To improve independence: One of the main concerns family members have when it comes to older adults living home alone is the possibility of a fall. On the other hand, one of the number one fears among seniors is the idea that they are losing their independence or that they are becoming a burden to loved ones. Daily exercise and mental stimulation helps seniors achieve and maintain the ability to live life to the fullest. Exercise promotes muscle strength, which helps to improve mobility, while mental activity improves clarity and decreases forgetfulness.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


  • To reduce stress: Let’s face it; life can be stressful no matter what your age. Fortunately, seniors can work to reduce stress by performing both mental and physical activities. Stress is a dangerous thing. It can wear down your body and increase blood pressure. It is also known to increase the risk of heart disease, affect the way you think and decrease your ability to remember things. In fact, when you’re under tremendous amounts of stress, the body reacts by producing certain hormones. Those hormones may actually shrink the size of your brain, affect memory and decrease the ability to learn.
  • To maintain balance and keep reflexes sharp: As the human body ages, there is a progressive and natural decline in both balance and coordination. That decline can be postponed or prevented altogether when you include daily mental and physical activity. Not only will this increase your strength and coordination, it will also give a much-needed boost to your reflexes, helping to prevent falls within the home.


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