Holiday Travel with Senior Loved Ones

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Holiday travel can present a challenge for anyone, but this can be much more difficult when traveling with an elder loved one. This is even truer, if the elder is suffering from any type of negative health condition. There are a few items to keep in mind to make the entire process not only simpler, but much more fun.

Predetermine Travel Objectives
They elderly often cannot simply hop into the family van or on an airplane and hit the road like younger relatives. Remember to think critically before packing and it may be prudent to create a list. This ensures important, but often forgotten, items such as maps, travel documents, and important medications are not left behind. It may be a thought to research travel insurance just in case.

Examine Travel Choices
This may be a delicate subject in some cases; however, there are many senior discounts to investigate for travel. There is nothing wrong with saving money and many seniors are happy to lend a hand in the travel experience. The funds saved may be required for some unforeseen emergency. It is also good practice to create a travel budget ahead of time.

Planning is Prudent
Make a plan, print or write it out, and try to stick as close to it as possible. Be sure to ask if there is anything that he/she wants to take with him/her, perhaps a book or favorite robe. Be extra careful to make sure all medical documentation that may be needed is packed and secure. This includes medical insurance cards as well as history, if it is available. Be sure to put a first aid kit in the car which includes not only emergency medical supplies, but minor provisions as well. This may include antacids, pain relief, and allergy medicine.

Do not forget plants and animals. Ask a family member, or hire a reliable professional, to care for pets, indoor plants, and gardens during the vacation. Perhaps notify the local police department and neighbors that no one will be home for a period of time. This way they know they should keep an eye on suspicious activity around the property. Do not forget to tell them of any caretakers that will be visiting. Notify any delivery services and mail persons about the absence. They will most likely be happy to hold services until someone is home again.

Last Minute Tips
Keep all documentation handy and make sure it is in the vehicle before leaving. Be sure to revisit all plans and lists throughout the entire planning process and especially just before departing. Check items off to make note of what has been accomplished. As mentioned previously, include the elderly in the planning process. Being a senior does not always mean disabled or disinterested. They may actually enjoy being include and appreciate being considered. This last piece of advice may actually be the most crucial. It may be somewhat more challenging to travel with seniors; however, it can also be exciting for the whole family. Relax and have a good time.

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