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Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

By December 16, 2016Archives
Senior celebrating Christmas with family

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect opportunity to consider some meaningful gift ideas for the seniors in your life. So whether it’s time spent with jigsaw puzzles and board games, a drive out of the city, or coupons for a special movie night, finding ways to help seniors connect to those who love them can be the greatest gift of all.

Safety and Independence

Sometimes simple items are all that’s necessary to keep someone living independently in their home. Some easy suggestions are: bath safety grab bars, Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), flashlight for a nightstand, emergency preparedness kit, EZ Reacher and Grabber, or a Fall Safety Evaluation by a Life Care Manager.

Health and Well-Being

Proactive gifts can go a long way in keeping seniors healthy and at home for as long as possible. Consider one of the following: healthy food delivery service, fresh fruit arrangement, fruit-of-the-month membership, teacup with box of herbal tea, chair yoga classes, physical training sessions for seniors, or a fitness tracker.

Sentimental Gifts

Meaningful gifts can help seniors stay connected to family and friends as well as reap the cognitive and emotional benefits of reminiscing. Easy ways to help strengthen the social connections are: digital photo frame, framed piece of a grandchild’s artwork, book of special photos, memory journal with memory-jogging questions about life, legacy book or video, or personalized items from a website like Shutterfly (i.e. calendar, mug, magnets, “brag book”).

Helpful Gifts

As seniors age, routine activities can become more challenging so items that make life a little easier can be a welcome gift: Roomba for vacuuming, desk clock with big numbers, stationary (pens, assorted greeting cards, postal cards, and stamps), or a portable listening system for those who are hard of hearing.

Quality of Life

Sometimes, what is truly the best gift of all is time spent with loved ones. There are many ways to spend time with those you love: handmade coupon book for activities, jigsaw puzzles and word games like Scrabble, Boggle, Bananagrams or other board games are fun for all generations, low-vision/large-print deck of cards, movie night gift cards, a special outing or drive, or a LivHOME Connect tablet.

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